Beck confused with Ed Sheeran in ‘Jeopardy!’: Watch – Billboard

Does Ed Sheeran have a famous doppelgänger?

Well, a reigning Jeopardy! he champ thought so, and it made headlines on Twitter after she mistook a photo of musician Beck for Sheeran on an episode of the classic game show this week.

Entering the “One-Name Rockstars” category, contestant David Sibley guessed “Who is Ed Sheeran?” after being shown a photo of Beck.


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Viewers received a lot of feedback about Sibley online, noting that Sheeran and Beck are decades apart: While the “Shape of You” singer is 31, the “Loser” rocker is 52.

the dangerous guy who thought beck (52) was ed sheeran (31) said the best thing no one has said about beck in years

— rob harvilla (@harvilla) September 30, 2022

Sibley isn’t the first contestant to make a musical mix-up while competing on the show. A contestant mistook Nickelback for Arcade Fire, another Canadian band, during a Billboard-themed category in January. The $1,000 ad stated: “This Canadian Band’s Best, Volume 1, included ‘Rockstar,’ ‘How You Remind Me,’ and 17 other songs.” As Kate guessed Arcade Fire, Harsh finally got the right answer, to which host Ken Jennings gleefully responded, “Nickelback: Never the wrong answer!”

In an episode in July, the lyrics to Taylor Swift’s “You Need to Calm Down” were used in a clue, and all three contestants were stumped by the No. 2 Billboard Hot 100 hit, missing the question. Swifties had a lot to say about the moment, with one Twitter user writing, “I had a little power trip because I knew the answer to a Jeopardy question was Taylor Swift and none of the contestants got it.”

Machine Gun Kelly also went unguessed by the contestants, after an episode last year featured this $800 clue and even included his initials: “This rapper and actor’s stage name is shortened to MGK.”