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Steven Spielberg, one of Hollywood’s best-known filmmakers and producers, has had a busy year with the release of Jurassic World: Dominion and The Fabelmans, but making his debut as a music video director probably wasn’t in his plans initially.



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During an interview Monday on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, actress Carey Mulligan explained how her husband, Marcus Mumford, and Spielberg teamed up to create the music video for her song “Cannibal.” As it turned out, the Mumford & Sons lead singer needed help with the song’s video ahead of the release of his solo album Self-Titled.

Earlier this year, Mulligan was working on Maestro with Bradley Cooper at the time, with Spielberg executive producing the film. The actress said that she previously learned that Spielberg’s wife, Kate Capshaw, is a fan of Mumford & Sons and sent her Mumford’s latest album.

“Not long after that, we received a video of Steven and Kate dancing in their kitchen to one of the songs,” says Mulligan. “And it was so lovely and they were so understanding and so sweet.”

Months later, the “Great Gatsby” actress told Kimmel she was on set, in a makeup bus, when her husband, desperate to finish the music video, called with an interesting idea.

“He goes, ‘We really need a video, and I just had this idea, and it would be crazy if… would it be really rude if we asked Steven?’ And I was like, ‘Steven, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, Steven Spielberg?’” Mulligan explains.

He ended up asking the filmmaker in July, who agreed to direct the video, saying, “They [Mumford and Spielberg] he got on the phone and then the next day they were scouting locations.”

During the interview, Kimmel showed a photo of Spielberg making the video with Mumford. The director can be seen holding an iPhone while he is in a rolling office chair, filming the singer.

“The message is, if you have a crazy thought, express it…. Get on with it,” the late-night talk show host replied.

Mulligan’s latest film, She Said, is currently in theaters.

Check out Mumford’s music video for “Cannibal” below.

This article was originally published by The Hollywood Reporter.