Diplo Received $1.2 Million in Judgment Amid Ongoing Harassment Case – Billboard

An arbitrator awarded Diplo $1.2 million in a ruling related to a year-long legal battle between the producer and a former partner named Shelly Auguste.

According to Diplo’s legal team, this arbitration was the result of a violation of the dual restraining order agreement between the producer (Thomas Wesley Pentz) and Auguste, with documents outlining that Auguste breached the agreement by posting about the dispute. Attorneys for both parties agreed to the arbitration process to resolve this violation.



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“At first, the Arbitrator finds credibility in Auguste lacking,” reads a copy of the judge’s arbitration award, which has been reviewed by Billboard. “On many occasions, his testimony regarding the circumstances of his relationship with Pentz was materially different from the documentary evidence presented…The evidence in the record contains significant inconsistencies that raise concerns about the credibility of much of Auguste’s testimony.”

Auguste’s attorneys did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

“We are very happy for Wes and his family,” says Diplo’s attorney, Bryan Freedman. “What happened here is simple. The arbitrator examined all the facts. She evaluated the evidence impartially. And justice prevailed.”

“A win for me and my family today,” Pentz tweeted on Wednesday (September 21) with a link to the story.

Since 2019, the pair have filed a series of lawsuits against each other, with Auguste initially claiming that Pentz was trying to post revenge porn against her, and then Pentz filing a lawsuit that includes her own accusations of revenge porn, stalking, and breaking and entering. dwelling. A couple of civil cases related to the various lawsuits between Pentz and Auguste are still ongoing.

“Obviously I’m going to win that [case]Diplo told Billboard in March. “But I don’t think it affected anything. If I tried to book a show, some places might have said, ‘Uh, I don’t like this story,’ but basically everyone who knows me was supportive. Like, ‘This is our guy.’ I’m lucky to have a team of people who just know me, who know me for who I am.’”

Source: www.billboard.com