Justin Bieber Addresses Supermarket Mass Shooting at Buffalo Concert – Billboard

Justin Bieber, who was in Buffalo for a concert on his Justice World Tour this weekend, addressed the tragedy that occurred at a Buffalo supermarket on Saturday (May 14).

Ten people were killed and three others wounded in a mass shooting that authorities described as “racially motivated violent extremism.” Police said an 18-year-old gunman, who is white, was wearing a bulletproof vest and military-style clothing when he pulled over and opened fire on people at a Tops Friendly Market. Eleven of the victims were black and two were white.

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Bieber posted clips from his concert at the city’s Keybank Center on Instagram that showed him talking to his tour crew, as well as the audience, about what he said was a “racist act of terror.”

“They probably heard what happened,” he said in a pre-show meeting with his team. “Pretty horrible stuff. But I’m really looking forward to tonight, really looking forward to getting on stage and doing what we do best and having a good time and bringing joy to the city. It is very necessary.

While on stage, Bieber addressed the crowd, leading them into a moment of silence honoring the victims: “As you know, there’s been a tragedy in town, but what we’re going to do tonight is honor those victims. persons. , and I would love it if we could take a moment of silence. That would mean a lot to me.” (In a caption to the Instagram post, he wrote: “To the people who were unable to remain silent to honor the lives that were so tragically lost, I urge you to ask yourself why.”)

“There is so much division in this world,” Bieber said at another point in the show. “So much racial injustice. And as you and I know, racism is evil and evil. But what you and I can do is be the ones that make a difference. We become the people who continue to have conversations with our friends and our families and our loved ones, who continue to be allies.”


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Source: www.billboard.com