Olivia Newton-John honored by comic after her death

The legendary ‘Grease’ actress will be honored with a comedic biography.

The comic, which is being released now in time for what would be the actress’s 74th birthday on September 26, is a biography as part of her Tribute series.

Olivia Newton-John passed away earlier this year at the age of 73 after a long battle with cancer, which she had battled three times in her life.

The British-Australian actress and musician, best known for her role as Sandy Olsson in the 1978 musical Grease, found fame in all aspects of entertainment. And aside from acting, she released multiple platinum albums and sold over 100 million copies.

The late actress is being honored with a comic from TidalWave Comics.

Olivia Newton-John Comic by TidalWave

The comic is written by Sandra C. Ruckdeschel and illustrated by Alessandro Miracolo and Pablo Martinena. An afterword has been written by Michael Frizel.

Newton-John collaborated with TidalWave for a comic years ago, and TidalWave Comics publisher Darren G. Davis has said: “[She] He gave us his perspective and exclusive information that we have also used in this issue.

“It was amazing and inspiring to work with her.”

“The Tribute line of comics tells the stories of classic artists who have passed away. It is a way to honor these people who have made a difference in the world.”

Writer Sandra C. Ruckdeschel said, “Writing this comic about Olivia Newton-John was a dream come true for me! I grew up idolizing Olivia when she was a child and I still do as an adult! She is the epitome of grace, kindness, and love. Researching her life story for this comic wasn’t even work, it was pure joy! And to have the opportunity to create a story and images to express who she is to the world was an honor.”

TidalWave Comics is not new to tributes and has previously released several comic series about major celebrities; like Stevie Nicks, Dolly Parton and Prince.

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